The relevance of all-season rubber

The relevance of all-season rubber.

All-season rubber has long been the topic of debates among the car lovers, especially when it comes to the choice between winter tires and the above-mentioned ones. Some believe that the universal rubber simply doesn’t exist. But if you look from the other side (if the weather doesn’t change constantly, and the winter is not severe) all-season rubber becomes the best budget option for the car. However, it is up to each of the car owners to choose the tire for his/her car.

all-season rubber

You can choose the car tires according to the season (summer or winter ones). They have a different tread depth, its pattern and softness of compound. Each of them is made according to the weather conditions of their periods of use. The winter tires are softer, which contributes to their elasticity, and therefore good resistance to the low temperature and maximum adhesion with the road surface. In the warm season this kind of rubber wears off and will be soon out of service.

On the contrary, the summer tires are hard and will keep the car on the road in summer. But in winter such tires can cause a lot of accidents and stress for the driver.