The most practical car color

The most practical car color.

One of the important problems during buying a car is to choose its color. But what is the most practical car color? Practicality of color is another for each car owner, some people consider a practical one color, the other – the other one. But, despite the huge number of proposed color schemes, there are still the most popular and best-selling vehicles of classic colors: black, white and silver.

practical car color

If you think that the most practical color of the car is that one, which hides the dirt in the best way, then you should choose the machine of the same color as the dirt in your area. In the city, for example, it can be any shade of gray, in the countryside – brown, but if you live on one of the poles, then, of course, white. But if we ignore the jokes aside, gray, beige and silver metallic color are the cars which get dirty less than other ones.


In addition, it is important that the color of the car keep for a long time, in other words, do not fade with time. It would seem that the black is the most practical color of the car, but this is a misconception, he loses almost all respects. If you find a suitable paint is still possible, dust and any small attrition, not to mention the scratches will be immediately evident.