The history of the automobile company Jaguar

Jaguar – the company begins in 1922 with the release of sidecars, has become one of the major manufacturers of luxury sports cars with a recognizable elegant design.

The company was created by Sir William Lyons in 1922. All models of the company have a strong sporting spirit that enhances their beauty, luxury. Now Jaguar is one of the world’s major companies, which creates the unique characteristics and design of sports cars.

company Jaguar

In all the car showrooms Jaguar models made a splash. They were elegant, powerful, comfortable. Therefore, already in 1951 the production had to move to Browns Lane, and increased production capacity.

William Lyons left his job in the company by 71 year of life.

In 2007, at the premiere of the new Jaguar XF, the grandson of Lyons, Mike Quinn, said that his grandfather would have been pleased to see a new generation of the Jaguar, because it carried the same value as the first coupé, created in 1931.