The false indicators of fuel level

 indicators of fuel levelThe owners of Volvo S40/V40 may go to the car service complaining about the false indicators of fuel level, strong hissing when opening the filler-hole cap of the fuel tank or the fuel tank.

These symptoms can be caused by the cable breakage resulting from the malfunction of the fuel tank ventilation system.

The failure of the 2014 dodge charger headlights of fuel tank ventilation system can lead to the strong dilution in the fuel tank. This, in turn, leads to the excessive compression of the fuel tank.

The module of fuel delivery consists of the cap with the flange and the spare reservoir with the fuel tank pressure sensor and fuel pump. Due to its two-pillar construction, the module of fuel delivery can compensate for the resizing of the fuel tank within a certain range.

For example, if i there is an excessive dilution in a frost and fuel tank is compressed, the cables of fuel tank pressure sensor can break.