Brake pads – it is important!

Brake pads paired with the disk are the system which allows the redistribution and the extinguishing of the kinetic energy of the car. Pad friction material has a high coefficient of friction with respect to the metal brake disc (drum), due to which, in fact, and rotation of the wheels stops. As well as brake discs, pads play an important role in ensuring the safety of the driver and passengers of the car, as well as other road users.

Brake pads

Regardless of the design of the brake (disc or drum), pads task is to stop the rotating brake disc due to the strong friction on contact. In the disk brake pads are clamped on both sides of the plane, in drum – are pressed against the inside circumferential rim. In both cases the surface is covered with friction material pad with a high coefficient of friction calculated from the viscosity and hardness for optimum performance and wear of disk pads, brake switching softness and degree of adhesion with the metal.

The main objective of pads – to work effectively in any weather and at any, even the adverse conditions. The biggest challenge for automotive brakes we can consider a work in conditions of high humidity: the water reduces friction as between the pads and discs, as well as between the tires and the road.