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2006 Dodge Charger Review

Hi this is Ryan over lagrange Toyota wanted show you this – 2006 Dodge Charger can be the artsy addition. See here here to get the red stripe their union […]

Seat covers on a 2015 Honda Accord

Hey guys it’s Russell back with 19 accord and I wanted to do a video update. One year update if you will on how  the what I call a seat covers have been doing. And the record since I install them about a year ago.  And I gotta tell you.  They’ve been doing absolutely fantastic I love the seat covers. I had a lot of different  covers in a lot of different  cars over the years. And. 9. Have performed as well. And have felt this good driving and sitting in the seat. As these do and some of them were much more expensive.  They’re wearing perfectly fine. They’re very very comfortable.  And the camera may be washing the color out just a little bit but there’s  no fading and all these are jet black. On. Just absolutely no complaints  whatsoever.  They look good everybody. That. Gets in the car and rides and. Comments  On how nice. Seat covers are defined ahead made there are material, other info As nice as this instead of the. New material. So say is better.  Then the old but. It’s not I do vacuum these once or twice. Per. Month so nothing builds up form.  Being that these are black they do pick up a lot of the went. As you can see right there I do have a Doberman that.  Ride back here and. I usually keep a. A towel over the seat because he sheds a lot but.  Vacuuming are using it went roller is very effective in removing the. Articles that can get on here but they’re just  absolutely wonderful I did.  Have a couple areas here where the. Took him to the park and he had some modernist pausing got on there but a wet microfiber towel and some water  to get right off since you can’t even see it was ever there. Against. Absolutely no where usually expect to see where  on the side seams where you’re getting in and out of the vehicle. Lot of times you’ll see where on the headrest.  And specially the side bolsters. None whatsoever. Again. Nowhere at all here. And they’re nowhere here now.  There is you can see right here. Very little. Take place I had something was in my pocket but scraped it.  Tom I could send this fact and they would remove this panel and replace us but. I’m not gonna worry about it. British Foreign wear and tear these things are absolutely fantastically where  like iron in a very soft. Even the cover here. Arm rest cover. There’s no where all no staining nothing. […]

The false indicators of fuel level

The owners of Volvo S40/V40 may go to the car service complaining about the false indicators of fuel level, strong hissing when opening the filler-hole cap of the fuel tank […]

Storing of tires

With the onset of spring winter tires are changed for the summer ones and the question arises, where and how to store a set of tires. The first solution to […]

The history of the automobile company Jaguar

Jaguar – the company begins in 1922 with the release of sidecars, has become one of the major manufacturers of luxury sports cars with a recognizable elegant design. The company […]

Brake pads – it is important!

Brake pads paired with the disk are the system which allows the redistribution and the extinguishing of the kinetic energy of the car. Pad friction material has a high coefficient […]

The relevance of all-season rubber

The relevance of all-season rubber. All-season rubber has long been the topic of debates among the car lovers, especially when it comes to the choice between winter tires and the […]

The most practical car color

The most practical car color. One of the important problems during buying a car is to choose its color. But what is the most practical car color? Practicality of color […]