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The false indicators of fuel level

The owners of Volvo S40/V40 may go to the car service complaining about the false indicators of fuel level, strong hissing when opening the filler-hole cap of the fuel tank […]

Storing of tires

With the onset of spring winter tires are changed for the summer ones and the question arises, where and how to store a set of tires. The first solution to […]

The history of the automobile company Jaguar

Jaguar – the company begins in 1922 with the release of sidecars, has become one of the major manufacturers of luxury sports cars with a recognizable elegant design. The company […]

Brake pads – it is important!

Brake pads paired with the disk are the system which allows the redistribution and the extinguishing of the kinetic energy of the car. Pad friction material has a high coefficient […]

The relevance of all-season rubber

The relevance of all-season rubber. All-season rubber has long been the topic of debates among the car lovers, especially when it comes to the choice between winter tires and the […]

The most practical car color

The most practical car color. One of the important problems during buying a car is to choose its color. But what is the most practical car color? Practicality of color […]